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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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The bored day !

Hello toodles ! I'm back for a second time ! hehe ^^ I dont know why I rajin sangat nak update blog hari ni . hmm I think maybe ada pembakar semangat I kott dekat blog ni . muehehe :p soo guyss , what are you doing now ? is't you feel so bored or what ? herghh -.- I'm here likee what ahh kannn , kejap keluar dr bilik pegi dapur . hehe ^^ well , lapooooo katakan :p act I tengah cari one tutorial which I nak bookmarks kann my social networking but until now I didn't get it ! :( anyway I ada tanya a few of people who's succesfully do it , but yeahh youu knoww right , they such a LOOOOOSSEERRR ! -..- eeiii ! gerammm betol ahh kann ! kot yee pon nak kedekut ilmu , beragak lah sikit . pasal blog jee kott ! haihhh ~ okayyy nvrmnd ! forget it :/ yaaa that's all . I dont know nak merepek meraban apa lagi :) hehe

pssstttt , heyy CHIKARO , feel free to hover around my blog yaa ! hehe ^^ you'll find something ! make sure don't be jelly ;p wekkkwekk! sincerely from me okayy , aunieaffy the platypus . hehe xx