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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Finally ! :D
Good Night blogger hearts . I'm coming homeeeeeeeeee ! YEAHHH :D

Today , I'm going to Texas , Kemaman for attend the wedding feast of my 'tok sedare' :p hewhewhew , I'm feel so happy along the way there including when i'm returning from the feast . Youu know why ? ooeemmjayyy ! Idk how to say , haha . I ask my daddy to stop at MESRA MALL near the town of KERTEH . err maybe :3 yeahh , my dad just follow . then , I'm walking alone behind my mommy , sista and younger sista . [ my brotha didn't follow us because he must be prepared for futher examination , SPM !] suddenly , my eyes were looking at beautiful big necklace . I became interested in . without seeing my family in front of me , I continue to rush into the store for looking the necklaces . anddd youu know whattt guyssssssssss ?? :O

- omeeeyyy kannn -

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! FINALLYYYY ! I got this ! omg ! I still do not believe it ! >.< Howww comeeeeeeee ? sekian lama saya mencari benda alah ni , hampir2 nak order dalam fesbuk , hmmmmmmmm apatah lagi saya pergi ke sana tanpa tujuan apa2 , tak terdetik pon nak beli benda tuu , fikir kat sini takde buttttttttttt tekaan saya memang SALAH ! :D saya lupa yang supermarket tuuu dah setaraf TIME SQUARE , PAVILION dahh . hehehe ^^ soo apa laggii , I grab my phone in the bag and call my sista . I'm just asking where is her . hehe ^^ after that , I've some money from my dad to buy the owl necklace . yeahh , I asked my younger sista to follow me , and I was at the shop about 30 min . I'm so spoiled for the necklace at CHAMELON which it is just accessories shop :) and FINALLY i became interested with the necklace , so I just bought it lahhhhh ! It was soo cuteee and very2 cheappp ! I feel love to buy one more . hehe ^^ howw greedy ! :p

#English speaking ! if I have did some mistakes here , sorry yaa guyss . I'm not really good in words :3