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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Wordless Saturday :p

Heyyy Heyy Heyyy ! it's been so long time I didn't update my blog right ? well guys , you know it I always bit lazy to update my bloggy . yaaa there's nothing hot story to tell youu all . haihhhh~ so now , Im feel sooo bored likee whattt ? :O I decided to update my beloved bloggy wherenever it's berhabuk dah haaaa ! hmmmmmmmmmmm yaaa guyss , tomorrow already school but I malasssssssssssssssssss nak poiiiii ! -.- yee ahh kannn four days I've been quiet , start from 26 til 29 and tomorrow I had an exam ! but I suree that the exam will be delayed on Monday . yeahhhhh relieved for a while :) well , as youuu know guyss , I didn't touch at all the books in my roomm , hehe best student is't ? :p although my mommy babling to study , but I always doo "masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri" :p naaaaa now youu know meee so well right ? hahahahah xx

*ugly my face that was soo anoyying / annoyying / annoying*

Yaaaaaaaaaaa ! now i'm watching youtube about Maria Elena Is A Greek Heelen . Hooohemmmgiiii ! she's soo cool and awesomenest people ! seriouss what , she's so steady doing funny video which is the video will be seen in front of million of visitors . I adoree himm so much lahh ! xD well if youu see all of her's video , sureee you'll muahahahahahahahaha in front of lappy , comp , ipad and whatsoever ! believe me guyss ! tenenenene teeettt ! yaaaa now Im waiting for one of her's video , well you knoww lah kann , youtube always taking time to loadinggggg the video .. but sometimess I feel soo granggggranggg because of line internet yang macam gampanggggg niii ! memang shit lah kan ! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! -.- okayy guys , that's all what i want talking about , see you laters ! if I will :) Goodbye muddles ! much lovee from me aunie affy the platypus . muehehehe :p xx