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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Feeling the bastard :')
Ouhh heyy lalink lalink sekalian alam :D assalamualaikum , the greatest word I give to you . how's life ? pretty relaxing , I suppose :'> Act I've no idea what to blog about and this post title mybe not same with my story . I guess lahh kann xx! however , I'll do my best as I can story to youuu guyssss! today , 17 November 2011 , since its the last day school , so I decided to skipping it . Do I Care ? mueheheh :p ouhh btw tonight , we had the football match , MALAYSIA vs INDONESIA . errr -.- I'm excited lol . haha well , timeline dkt tweet aku semua nya pasal bola bola bola and BOLA again ! so memandangkan aku takde cerita nak tulis so , aku nk merapu meraban sekejap . Ehemmm , pabila HARIMAUMUDA meraummm mengalahkan GARUDA maka dengan ini diisytiharkan bahwa , MALAYSIA OFFICIALLY WON ! JYEAHHHH #improudtobemalaysian :p ewahhhhh ~ errr letih derr tangan aku duk menekan jee button RETWEET dkt timeline tuu , habis semua ayat nak pro jee , sape tak geram kann ? mwehehe :D

To Indonesia's player , listen here what I want to sayyyy :

" You should be ashamed of yourself okay! We just won the football match at your field . AHAHAH Malaysia dah menang okay , tak perlu nak kutuk ke apa , just get over it ! :> "

tak terkecuali untuk tanah airku yang tercinta , ewahhhh ~ haha to Malaysia's player :

" It feels like Family on Twitter , Facebook whenever our tigers are playing , aummmmmm , OMG! btw Congrats Malaysia is trending WorldWide! :) "

ouhhh yaaa ! that's all :) errr waittt! one more thing , why soccer match turns into war of words ? No need actually ! It's only football game! Come on , don't let a small round ball threaten the bond we had for ages . just chill ~ hehe :p