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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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1 Januari 2012 / 1-1-12
Happy New Year To All my friends , facebook's friends and
also my twitter and blogger's followers :D

Seriously , time flies too fast . Gonna miss moments in 2011 badly :'(

And last day , 31 Dec 2011 I had an enjoyful moments with my family! especially when we stopped at restaurant to grab the lunch . awwwww there I'll miss the moments which is ..... teeett! hehe :p swear! yesterday I feel so HAPPYYYYYYY ;D


semalam jugak lahh dorang nak text aku ! WTF ? haha I means bout 8pm , first syiekin text , then apiq , lpstu anys and last si belalai gajah! HAHAHA yang buat aku tak tahannya four people texting with me in one time okayy! get it ? haha serious tak pernah kott alami semua tu! #cehhh :p

Yeahhh! This is my real face when I'm smiling . Teheee ^^t

New Beginning : School and PMR! Yeahh -.- Ouhh damn shit! haha
New Hopes : Be a good student to my parents . cehhh :p
New Dreams : Make all my dreaming comes TRUE!! :)

Kayy that's all! hee :) The short entry for you . Nahhh hihi kbaii! :p