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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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How can I decide what is RIGHT ? :)

Goodnight toodles! I'm back with a new storyyyy! YEAHHH ! today ada semangat sikit nak update blog . Err but my stomach always be the same . Whyy ? :( I could not stand it anymore . ouhh my god , please help me . Now it became somesault swimming freestyle flip turn . I feel the pain when I take a deep breath and sometimes my throat feel like vomiting . Last morning , about 4pm I just woke up from slept as I feel like to vomit . and suddenly I walk towards to toilet and when I sat infront of toilet bowl , memang saya muntah! T__T sorry to say sisa2 makanan yang keluar tu just like jelly yang ada roti which is I ate last evening ANDDDDDDDDDDD what makes me suprised is diselitkan kat situ DARAH! you get it ? its mean , saya muntahkan sisa2 makanan tu termasuk DARAH! what's mean of that ? Seriously , Im scared! :'( though darah tu keluar just sikit but 3 kali okay! urghh , so pity of me!! :( FOURTEEN years I lived on this earth , it was never even occured to me like that and when it's happen , seriously I feel like I've not long to live in this world :'( if you can replace my place, pleaseee do it to me! I need time to increase my reward progressively reduced! [ sad music ] I wonder either I've any disease ? Idontthinkso , err but if so I'll accept it willingly T____T Err please don't cry , I know you're trying your hardest hihi :') ................................................. Ouhh forget about it lahh :D heee namo sedih2 . haha so here I wanna talk about this two prettayyyy girls! YEAHH :)


Left : Kak Tqah
Right : Kak Mieyrah

Let me introduce bout them! Nur Atiqah and Nur Amirah is a students which is will take the big died exam or lebih mesra dipanggil SPM on 2012! hahaha :p They both comes from differents school :) How can I know them and became closed ? Yeahh act its all because of my brother! EHH ? noo , haha I mean err NEVERMIND! hahahaha okay be serious! --' saya kenal dorang dalam mukabuku tu jee kot , then suddenly ktorang exchange phone number then terus contact till NOW! but text tuu jarang sangat leww . muehehe :p well , we're a busy teenagers! haha honestly , saya suka sangat text dgn dorang sebab kami kaki gosssssiiippp! YEKE ? :D i'm not sure at all! haha . Fyi guyss , both of them already taken by _____________ err Idk lahh! just ask them not mee! haha . Dorang always/like/sometimes luahkan perasaan dekat saya ! andd bila benda tu dah jadi , automitacally saya pon akan join! dan bila saya join saya akan meluahkan juga apa yang saya rasa ketika tu! YEKE ? haha . err btw how I wish I'll be able to hangout with you both one day and at that time only THREE of us were there! :') hihi

The left one is comel and the right one is cute! Seriously ! Im not lying ! Look at my face girls! --'

Dear sista , GOODLUCK to both of you next year! Do it the best as you wish to gladden the heart of your parents . Your sugarpie or more prefer as boyprenggg better subtracted aside for a while so that you can more focus on your study and your head fiber not to think about him anymore ! :) #bajet cakap macam orang tua :p

Focus on my face! Yess , Im mixed girl! One Malaysia okay! You don't get it right ? haha Nothing on me is ORIGINAL . I'm the combined effort of everybody I've ever known . well girls , am I look ever couple before this ? Not right! Muahahahaha :P So listen here ,

Sekian , kbaiiiiii! :p

Dear , sorry for the stolen pictures in your albums :) I wish you were not angry at all with me , hehe . And please do not hurt with every word that I meant kayy , heee ^^v