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Vas Happenin ?

Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Not in mood !
Guyss! I miss youuuu so badlyy! T___T I just came from Jaybee . Yeahh but next post I'll story my holiday at there . Now I wanna tell youuu that now Im not in mood because I sakit perut and tadi I muntah! ooemgee! :( Tomorrow is the last tuition and I wanna go to meet my friends! butt yeahh with the bad condition now , I dont know is't I can go there or n
ot . but I already promise with my friend that I want to join it tomorrow . hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Am I show off ? No act . just wanna tell to youu this is what I get when I didn't online for two weeks more! Yeahh I know I'm not "HOT" like youuu and youuu! YEAHHH YOUUU! kbye