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Vas Happenin ?

Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Ouhh Adit! :D
Haaa okayyy nak gelak kejap . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA xx! lol why I'm laughing ? heyyy nooo , I'm not crazzaayyyy yet! well , yesterday I was stalk my sista's blog , and I was read her new post .

yeahh youu know who is him ? yeahhh that's boyy! not that's girl and her babyy :) hehe . well guyss , is't you can read what've her talking about ? if not please click the image #err bajet ada stalker yang baca --'

and this one guyss! hahahaha , dia punya ayat fuhhh memang takleh blahhh :D Idk when I get start couple with Adit . lol! haaaa! nvrmd :) Youu know what , I was like yeahhhh , dah macam org gila tergelak2 depan lappy ! I'm swear! haaa! :D You dont believe it ? aku kesah pe ? *jeling* haha okayyy byee ^^v

Harini takde pic nak letak! hewwwwww :P