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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Today was enjoyable!

This is a proof , muehehe :p omeyyy takk ? weee ^^ saya angkat bakul sendiri , ada yang kesah ? -.- YEAHHH this is a candid photo taken by mrs Aien :) the right one is my beautiful and Hot's cousin . EHHH ? --' ouhh forget bout it sayanggg :* nowww I wanna story to youuu what was I doing today ? #adayangbacake Lalalala ~ oraitt , about 2pm my parents sent me to the JERTEH , wanna repeat ? a TOWN of BESUT! yeahh! so ? haha act I want to buy my school supplies while waiting to meet my sister's friends at KhairulFahmiCheMat [ paham dakkk ? ] Lalalala , so my parents just leave we there and they drive to my grandma's house . Weeee we're so happyyyy okayyy ^^ haha then beli2 apa semua , my cousin call said that they wanna come to join us and they otw to come there . so we're waiting for them 25min . finally they're arrived , just get out from a cab infront of SMO :) so there kami bereempat dah jadi GENG! haha I just accompanied my cousin to SMO for a while . Then we move our steps to KhairulFahmiCheMat! haha so there kami makan makan and makan but semua tanggung diri masing2 haha! watlekkk :D my cousin and sista kemain lagi berselera makan but me ? ohhhh 3 types of food , aku just sentuh sikit then terus taknak ! just air jeee yang habis ! Ohhmyyy! -.- what's wrong with me huh ? ahhh forget it! so kitorang lepak2 dekat sana , means the town till pukul 5:30pm , and then we got a cab , go on towards to my grandma's house! JUST WANNA SAYS THAT I FEELS LIKE YEAHHHHH SO HAPPYY THOUGH ITS NOT WHAT I'VE DREAMING TO HANGOUT BEFORE! WEEEE ^^