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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Hekhek :p
Haii seemuuweee! *lelambai tangan sambil buat muka annoying*
Fuhhh Fuhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh! berhabuk dah bloggy itewww setelah sekian lama ku tidak mengupdate nye! #alasanlapuk :p well well , clap your hands first class! seriously why shoutmix dah tak boleh guna ? aku tak paham apa benda SNACK TAN cakap . Ehh SNECX . Sowwwrryyyy! Uhukss! Elehh padahal setiap kali update blog , kemain lagi speaking! puuuiii! Ouhh act tuu just nak practice buat ESSAYS nanti PMR!! kehkeh . Sukati ahh! -.-

anyone tahu what I should I do ? If yes , please inform me on PESBUK/TWITTER! link ada dekat info! kehkeh , sowwwrryy! nak promote sikit! Sukati ahh -.- So aku tak nak ambik tindakan lagi! haha , means aku nak biarkan jee shoutmix tuu ada kat bloggy ni! wuuuu OKAY! Forget about it ! Ehemmm tomorrow evening ada latihan merentas desa! Dush! -.- Serious I'm bit lazy when I heard this word! kehkeh :p Err dah ahh dalam kelas pon rasa macam pffffffftttttttttt ! All students was like " buat hal masing2 kay " WHATHE ? urghh! Seriously this year so S***! haha ;p can't wait for next year yeahhhhh! How I wish I can skip the school everyday and be a DUMBASSES student at home! MUAHAHAHA ;D Well guys , now I'm waiting for my lovely sistah to come at me! miiiiahaha :p yeahh , nanti gong xi fa chai ni , we decided to hangout with our cousin like those days! seriously it was a fun memorable! :') Urmmmm , here I wanna share something kay! ^^v Like seriously , I've twin! HAHAHA I means , for three consecutive years , I've a twin which is have a same name like MEEE! So here the students call me as AUNIE AFFY or AUNIE S ! Hewwww :) that's my glamours name! *jeling* Err btw , act I've something important to tell you ollsss but like always , I suddenly became absent-minded , hekhek :p sowwwrryyy! Uhuks!

And I was at the placeee!

Dah kenapa post aku kali ni banyak sangat ' seriously ' ? -.- pfffttttt