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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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2:34 am
tett tett tett , detik demi detik waktu berlalu , namun si typewriter masih belum melelapkan matanya . Ewahhh ~~ berkata2 pulak hakuuu! kayyy I'm coming! please say hooyeahh hoyeahh! ;D hekhek , first at all . why my title was like that ? It's just because now it's already at the time . yeahh! Aunie telah pon mencipta sejarah apabila tidor pada waktu pagi sebegitu! Clap your hands by yourself! muehehe

tengok tuu ! iteww webby dengan stranger from other country . like seriously kay , he's HANDSOMEEE gilaaaa! fuhhhh *lappeluh* and what make me feel excited when dia cakap dia ada buat something dkt me though we just to know each other on that day .You know what ? he showed me a "kandi" yeahh! its like gelang or anything like that lahh . hehe ^^ but comell kottt! He also asked bout my twitter and skype but I don't want gimma link to him as I know it would be danger ! #lewlz . K! So he decided to stopped webby with me as he said that he just wanna blablabla ..

err that's all fer tonight ! Ehh morning! hehe ;p so later I'll update again kay! Byeee tc <3