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Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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It just a word . Only one word . W O R D !
Hello there earthlings! I'm sorry for not updating my new post as i've been really busy mending myself , studies and of course Twitter . Teheeee :p Yeahh i know that PMR is just around the corner . I got it recently . But i just don't know how to start the first step and blablabla . Now , I need to finish my ' KERJA KURSUS of SEJARAH and GEOGRAFI ' as a proof that me is form three's student . About the PMR , so YES i don't care it at all . As i've been spending all my time with studies at school so a litlle bit i got lazy to study at home . hmmmmmmm me is so bad :/ Seriously , so BAD!! ughhhh (¬͡˛ ¬͡”)

Sorry if i'm over speaking here . If you do not like my way , you can just GET LOST FROM HERE :)