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Vas Happenin ?

Aunie Affy, going to be 16



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Hello eberibadi! Fiiiuuuuuu *tiup habuk* Ehem, its been so long time ‘ago’ I didn’t update my bloggy. Fiuuuuuu *tiup habuk* Its too many habuk lah here, haihh. As you’ve seen on my last post was on April something like that. Fiuuuuuu *tiup habuk* Well, that time I need to struggle for my PMR….. but now u’ollsssss, I’M ALREADY FREEDOM! Yeyeyeahhhhh :D

                                                Lol wuts? Kipas laju sangat wuuuu……..

Though PMR is over, but there’s still pasca pmr asdfghjkl like wutts? Lol I don’t like aaaaaaaaa.
Ganggu je. Baru nak rest rest lol.  Baru fikir nak cari kerja. Eh? No no no -.- I just meant it. Muehehehehe.

OMG!! Hahahahahahahahahaha duck face enough lol

Weh, act lah kan, aku tgh tunggu decision from my classmates to have on vacation. BUT WHEN?!
Please guys, give me a chance for have an enjoyable time w u’ollssss.
Dah lah time darjah 6, aku tak pegi lawatan. That’s cause of the problem in that sch!!
Ahhh annoying enough. I HATE THIS THIS THIS!!!!!
I’m jealous with another sch. Seriously besok lusa dorang dah nak gerak for vacation.
But me and the gengs?! Lol just stay at the sch like idiots much!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sakit hati aasdfghjkl gila babeng -.-

Please dengar my rintihan nii :’( I want to enjoy w ze’friends so much!!
Anybody here would like to help me? ………………………………………………..
Ok none. \/
Hm assalamualaikum *sad songs* *walk alone*